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Collaborative Practice is a new divorce process, putting children's needs first. In a Collaborative Divorce each party has his or her own attorney, with neutral financial analysts and family counselors working together. Collaborative Divorce lawyers advise their clients, gather in full privacy all financial data, and work toward a creative non-adversarial settlement process. The approach is “Let’s look for another way to solve this problem that we both can live with,” rather than “We'll crush you in court!”

This approach keeps decisions in the hands of the family. It abandons the myth that a Judge can solve problems better than the divorcing parties themselves—who have the most at risk and the most to lose. The destructive impact of a contested divorce in court is avoided. And, contrary to common belief, judges actually decide less than 5% of all divorces.

Collaborative Process is for all families–married and unmarried, traditional and LGBT–who want to move forward quickly and positively.

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Elaine Silver – Collaborative Divorce

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