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Divorce with or without Lawyers

Mediating a divorce with the services of a skilled family mediator like Attorney Silver is one alternative to litigation. Mediation enables the couple to retain control over the terms of the divorce—not the lawyers, not a judge.

Couples may participate in mediation led by Attorney Silver with or without participation of their own lawyers (pro se). Mediation permits the two people who have the most knowledge of the economic and emotional situation of the family to shape the divorce, giving high priority to the needs of the children.

Mediation offers a confidential setting where all conversations including financial details are totally private, and can greatly reduce the costs and length of the divorce process. Couples meet together with Attorney Silver acting as the impartial mediator, for as few or as many sessions as it takes to resolve their issues. This way, couples may reach a resolution before they have begun legal proceedings or at any time while the divorce is underway. In fact, even in adversarial situations, Florida law requires couples to mediate before they can try the case before a Judge. With voluntary mediation couples can engage a mediator at the beginning of the process, even before the courts are involved and costs begin to escalate.


With Ms. Silver as the mediator, both parties have the opportunity to work through challenging issues in a safe and non-judgmental space.  Empathetic yet pragmatic creative solutions are often discovered, creating a sound basis for the parties to go forward with their lives positively, keeping on-going communications open and non-confrontational.


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