Collaborative Divorce

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Private, Efficient, Client-controlled Divorce


Collaborative Divorce is not about “who wins,” but “how can this family move forward peacefully?” Florida adopted the Uniform Collaborative Process Act in 2016.  Collaborative Divorce enables the couple to work together to put their children first and focus on the future. Couples are in the driver’s seat, not lawyers or judges.


The couple and Collaborative Professionals form a team that works together openly and transparently, rather than competing against one another. A Collaborative team may include:

  • A Collaborative lawyer for each spouse who helps that person develop goals, options and solutions privately and then participates in meetings with the other spouse and the team.
  • A neutral financial expert who gathers all financial information.
  • A facilitator with mental health training to help couples communicate and make good decisions together, including parenting decisions when children are involved.


The approach is, “Let’s look for another way to solve this problem that we both can live with,” rather than, “We’ll crush you in court!”

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Focus on Your Future


The Collaborative Divorce process is rooted in the whole span of a couple’s life together, not just the most recent turmoil.  In contrast, the traditional litigation process looks backward, which keeps the family stuck at the worst moments of their lives.


In Collaborative Divorce, couples are encouraged to participate together in shaping their future. Collaborative Divorce abandons the myth that a Judge can solve problems better than the divorcing couple—who know the most about their lives, care the most, and have the most at risk and the most to lose. The destructive impact of a contested divorce in court is avoided.


People who go through Collaborative Divorce feel supported and ready to face the future.

Is Collaborative Divorce for Me?

Move Quickly and Positively


If your goal is to focus on the future of your family, and reduce the economic and emotional pain of divorce, consider Collaborative Divorce. The Collaborative Process is for all families–married and unmarried, traditional and LGBTQ – who want to move forward quickly and positively.

Collaborate & Thrive: Navigating Divorce with Unity and Empowerment

Collaborative Divorce

Knowledge Kit

This free guide compares Collaborative Divorce with the traditional litigation method. The guide also shares some case studies that are helpful as well as an overview to Collaborative practice.


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