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Each person’s situation is different. But sometimes, after meeting with you and learning more about your needs, Elaine can offer a “flat fee” to work with you.


While Elaine does charge for an initial consultation, the fee is credited toward your retainer should you decide to engage Elaine for more work.  In that first meeting Elaine will listen and educate to help you make wise choices about your future.

Just the Right Amount of Help

At the Right Cost


Sometimes people just need a little help.  Maybe you have already figured out how to resolve your divorce with your spouse.  Maybe you just would like to have a few questions answered.  Elaine Silver offers “limited scope” or “unbundled” representation.  You can meet with her to get your questions answered, prepare the documents you need, or explain how to move forward with the process without hiring her to do more.  You pay just for the time you spend getting answers.

Contact Elaine Silver at 407-268-6830 for a brief, free telephone call
or use the contact button below to send her a message.


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