Here’s what people are saying about Elaine Silver

Collaborative Lawyer, Mediator, and Peacemaker

“I watched The Marriage Story and thought about you with such gratitude as you helped me navigate my divorce so many years ago with compassion and civility (unlike the attorneys in this movie)! ~ Former Client

“Thank you for what you did with our mediation. It was remarkable. I just can’t thank you enough for the way you handled this and for making our divorce amicable and actually reasonably priced too.” ~ Former Client

“I want to thank you so very much for all you have done to help me in this difficult time. I was truly blessed to be directed to you. When everything seemed out of control, you gave me the guidance needed to get control.” ~ Former Client

“I’m grateful for you and your guidance, words of encouragement and ability to reframe the darkest time in my life to an incredible opportunity for growth.” ~ Former Client

“You have been incredible during this tough process – I truly appreciate all of your hard work, sound advice, and how readily available you are to answer my many questions.” ~ Former Client

“I am so grateful for you, your professionalism, your kindness, and how you have helped me navigate through many different emotions during this. I feel like I am becoming stronger and learning to use my voice, and you have helped me so much with that!” ~ Former Client

“Divorced with Dignity. I was so overwhelmed by the thought of divorce and concerned for my children. At times the anger, anxiety and self doubt seemed unbearable. Elaine was so wonderful at keeping me calm and focused. She helped me get through the process with dignity. She helped me to concentrate my energies on the outcome for me and my kids and not get bogged down in the mire of day to day hostilities (and thoughts of revenge!). Ultimately, the result was what was right for all of us, and at a much smaller price tag. I walked away from divorce with my head held high. I have no doubts that my decisions were in my best interests and the best interests of my children. Four years later, I consider Elaine my divorce attorney, my spiritual guru, and my friend. I wholeheartedly recommend Elaine Silver to anyone who can get past the need to draw blood from her ex and do what’s right for her children.” ~ Former Client

“My thanks to Elaine Silver for the exceptional job you did in representing me during my divorce. You demonstrated wisdom, intelligence and grace during this entire ordeal. You employed the highest standard of professionalism when dealing with opposing counsel and acted as a calm and steady voice of reason during a most difficult and stressful time. You have been beyond fair and equitable regarding billing for time spent. That aspect of this experience has been recognized and greatly appreciated. You demonstrated a genuine empathy for my situation and I felt you always had MY best interest in mind. I couldn’t have asked for more principled and honest representation or a better advocate throughout this entire process.” ~ Former Client

“Thank you for making our mediation run smoothly. Your thoughtfulness, advice, and respectfulness are greatly appreciated. All in all, I think the outcome was the best we could achieve and that was due to your efforts.” ~ Former Client

“Not only a fantastic divorce lawyer but also a great person. I was attempting to handle my divorce on my own. The day after my doctor told me that my blood pressure had gone up 40 points I hired Elaine Silver to be my divorce attorney. My blood pressure went back down to normal. My doctor thought it was fruits and vegetables….I know it was Elaine. Elaine is very good at helping the client stay on track. She is an excellent collaborative lawyer but can also deal with an adversarial situation. She is an excellent advisor, but she is also smart enough to realize that she works for the client…not the other way around. She was spot on with the right approach. If I could give Elaine more than five stars I would. That is the difference that she has made in my life. I was dreading going through the divorce proceedings but Elaine lifted the burden from me and helped me ride it through to completion.” ~ Former Client

“I have to express to you how grateful I am we found you. Thank you for your honest counsel.” ~ Former Client

“Thank you for your patience and guidance. I am grateful that our paths crossed for you did much more than advocate on my behalf, you helped me grow as a person and I am so thankful for that and the luck that brought me to you.” ~ Former Client

“Empathetic and fierce defender of client interests, Elaine immediately understood my needs. She educated me to the various processes available beyond litigious acrimonious separations. She helped me move my thinking and grow into a set of options that made my situation go from intractable and uncomfortable to positive and hopeful. Her fees are standard, but she puts in the work necessary to earn them; really demonstrating her value. This is including going above and beyond in terms of advocating for the client and interacting with my counterparty’s legal and all our collaborative divorce team. Beyond this, Elaine has a high EQ and calm demeanor which helps her become highly empathetic to the client while yet gently advising and mediating along the most assertive path towards real mutual collaboration.” ~ Former Client

“Thank you for all your help and counsel. I am very happy with the outcome and will be sure to pass along your name to anyone in need! I appreciate everything you did and am looking forward to a new future. Take care and I am very happy that we had the chance to work together!” ~ Former Client

“A year ago I walked into your office and met the women who would help me go through one of the hardest changes of my life!  You were so straight forward but at the same time very understanding. As I sat before you crying, you gave me bits of wisdom every time we talked. Keep doing your amazing work and touching people’s lives like you did mine. It will NEVER be forgotten!” ~ Former Client

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